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Electron Beam
Technology, Inc.

10014 Sussex Lane
Houston, TX 77041
Phone: (713) 690-2326
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The Electron Beam Welding Technique has major advantages over conventional methods. Listed below are the advantages:

Narrow Fusion Zone:

This is produced by the highly concentrated electron beam on the workpiece.

Vacuum Environment:

All welding is done inside a vacuum chamber. This eliminates oxides and nitrides. Produces a high purity weld zone.

Low Heat Energy:

This allows welds to be in close proximity to heat sensitive materials such as plastics and electronic components.


Electron Beam Welding is the best technique for welding the largest variety of dissimilar metals. Many dissimilar metals are compatible.

Conventional Welding

Time consuming stick welding creates distortion.

Electron Beam Welding

Fast, clean, and economical Electron Beam Welding
with NO Distortion!


Maximum penetrations from 4 to 6 inches depending on the type of metal.

Sciaky CNC Electron Beam Welder

This 8-1/2" diameter beryllium copper part was welded 2.2" deep using the Electron Beam Process

Superior Weld Control:

All welding parameters including joint axis correction are CNC (computer) controlled and repeatable.

Size Capability:

Our Sciaky CNC Electron Beam Welder has the capability of welding diameters to 20 inches in a twenty five (25) foot long chamber with the electron gun located in the center.

Machine Capability:

Also straight line welds and circumferential welds with constant and or variable penetration.


Last Update: December 6, 2002